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Sprotamiðstöð Íslands

The Startup Center

The Startup Center supports growth of socio-economically responsible projects and businesses that have both local and global growth agenda.

The Startup Center provides network access and consulting support. Our main focus is on social enterprises and cooperative projects. Socio-economic initiatives that have the purpose to make a change to evolve and upgrade life on Earth to enable sustainable developments of civilization on the planet.

Our mission is to collaborate in harmony, to provide supportive energy in development and delivery of innovative projects, making available products and services that help people make life more simple, easy and enjoyable.

Our preferred collaborators are social innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals. Both public and private partners that seek to give and get support. We work with visionary thinkers, dreamers and doers. Through our networks of networks we partner up with our clients, collaborators and friends.

We build upon trust and fair trade from the beginning toward building sustainable enterprises and long term relationships where we focus on our common needs, while producing new innovative ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions.

Our goal is to enable local startup projects, global business and humanitarian initiatives, ventures and enterprises to become category creators and market leaders. The Startup Center is the link to connect with Iceland and build successful and sustainable businesses.

Ríkarður Leó Guðmundsson -  Sprotamiðstöð Íslands ehf - Startup Center of Iceland

Startup Business Advisory & Creative Cooperation

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Connect with Iceland and grow your business through creative collaboration

Advising Social Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Professionals


Working in harmony toward building successful global enterprises based on social responsibility and sustainability

Project Consulting & Strategic Business Planning


Achieve your goals with a clear vision of your mission, Iceland is the platform for your launch

Modeling Idea´s, Communication & Vision Expression

Plan your business according to the needs of future generations
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Providing guidance and connections with networks to bring solutions to market and build sustainable businesses

The Icelandic Startup Center develops collaboration with you and connects you with potential public and private partners


The Startup Center is open for exploring new collaborative ideas, and invites those who seek to invest and participate in existing projects and ventures to connect and explore possabilities.  Our time is very precious, so we expect and consider only serious suggestions and inquiries. We are open for grants and accept both long term loans and investments.

Upon request we can provide information about existing projects.

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View Iceland as an early adapting R&D test market that is perfect for evolving solutions that are designed to go global. Iceland  is a market with many early adopters, and there is easy for good solutions to grab attention and become viral.


Iceland is the perfect place for research and developments, for implementing test projects and startup businesses from ground up toward being able to scale up and deliver proven solutions to global markets.

Iceland offers advanced environment. It has high standard infrastructure and regulation system that is good, and getting even better for startups and investors to invest and build business in Iceland.

In projects our approach is oriented towards open and proven technologies, working in combination with open source and proprietary applications. Emerging technologies to upgrade and empower people through social enterprises and cooperatives that cooperate with both local and global, public and private partners.

Although the Startup Center is social oriented and values people above profit, we participate in profit driven projects with the goal to deliver high quality and fair priced products and services.

Our collaborators are people that value healthy and sustainable society, humanitarians and impact investors. All good people that are open for development of harmonious collaboration through Icelandic ventures.

Our goal is to help with making connections, strategizing, implementing and localizing  practical solutions that are set for global market expansion.

There are many opportunities available and already much going on where we have for many years been working with multiple collaborators on projects and solutions that have great potential to have great impact and to advance and make life on Earth better. 

Our main focus is on community development and social economic modeling for sustainability, systems development and resource resiliency with emphasis on clean air, food, energy, water, materials and waste recycling.

We know that combination of low-tech and high tech solutions can solve many of the fundamental problems on Earth. Our mission is to make available transformative tools and provide leadership in developing human civilization that evolves into the future, based on both ancient and modern technologies.

The Startup Center´s mission and future vision is to be part of the fight for sustainable development on Earth, while developing solutions for extreme climate adaption and preparation to colonize new planets with AI, robotics, computers, software and hardware that has not yet been innovated.

Today we focus on Earth, where the fourth industry revolution has already begun. We are ready to play and be part of the future that has already begun to materialize in our time and space.

Ríkarður Leó Guðmundsson                   Sprotamiðstöð Íslands ehf - Startup Center of Iceland

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